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SendToPager Gold is software distributed under a try-before-you-buy license agreement.

Trial Version Limitations

We grant you 30 days of a free trial without limitations in SendToPager's functionality.

When you see the About dialog, you will see UNREGISTERED user name and the Register button.

If you want to purchase SendToPager Gold click this button to automatically open the Order Page and follow the instructions on this page.

Order SendToPager Gold

To order SendToPager Gold please visit the appropriate Order Page to read all details and order SendToPager Gold.

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Registration Process

When you will order SendToPager Gold we will send, via email, a file with your Registration Key.

To complete Registration process, please, follow these steps:

  • Save this file into a temporary folder.
  • Copy this file into the SendToPager Gold Home folder on the messaging server.
  • Delete the file from the temporary folder.
  • Restart SendToPager Gold Server application and all Client applications. Now you will see your registration name in the About dialog and all trial-version limitations will be removed!

    Please, keep you Registration Key in a safe place!