Configure SendToPager Address Book

To configure the Address Book, select the Address Book item on the left panel and then select a Contact you want to modify.

Add new Contact to Address Book

  1. Select the Address Book item on the left panel.
  2. Click the Add button on the top-left area of the window.
  3. The new Contact will be added and displayed for modification. Modify the new Contact any way you would like.

Delete Contact from the Address Book

  1. Select the Contact from the Address Book you want to delete.
  2. Click the Delete button on the bottom-right area of the window.
  3. On the confirmation dialog box click Yes if you really want to delete the current Contact or click Cancel if you want to keep it.
  4. The selected Contact will be deleted.

Modify Contact in the Address Book

Name Define the name of the Contact entry. Contact is uniquely identified by Name.
Provider Define the provider serving this Contact. All messages addressed to this Contact will be sent through this provider.
You may assign different providers to each Contact individually.
Number Define the Contact number of the pager or cell phone, whom messages should be sent to. Number must be defined either in Canonical or Direct formats Please, read more about Number Formats here.

Create Distribution List

To create a Distribution List you need to enter the semi-colon separated list of Contact Names (from the Address Book) in the Number edit box.
Please note that semi-colon is required after the last entry!
Example: John;Robert;Thomas;

If you want to specify the Number explicitly instead of the Contact Name, please, add # character before the number, and select the appropriate Provider from the list. Selected provider will be used for all explicitly specified Numbers, but it does not override the Contact's settings;
Example: John;#9876543;Thomas;