Configure SendToPager General Preferences

Select the General item on the left panel to configure the SendToPager General Preferences.

Logging Level The SendToPager has an extensive logging option and you can parameterize it as you need. Logging is stored permanently in the log file (paging.log can be found in the SendToPager Home folder).
The following Logging Levels are available:
None SendToPager does not log neither Errors, nor Informational messages.
Errors Only SendToPager logs Errors only, skipping Informational messages.
Normal SendToPager logs both Errors and Informational messages.
Debug SendToPager dumps also, in addition to Errors and Informational messages, all transmitted and received characters.
We would recommend that you set the Normal Logging Level for normal operations or the Debug Logging Level, when you encounter any difficulties and you would like to report these to us.
In this case, please, attach your log-file to your report.
Run On Startup When you set this checkbox ON SendToPager Server will automatically start when Windows is started and the user is logged onto the server.