Configuring SendToPager Protocols

Select the Protocols item on the left panel and then select one of the supported messaging protocols to configure.
You can configure the Protocol properties, but you cannot change the protocol name.

SendToPager is capable of sending messages thru following protocols:
Internet Protocols

Modem Protocols Mobile Protocols

Configure Common Protocols Preferences

These Preferences are applied individually to each protocol, but have common meaning for every protocol.
Retry Attempts Define how many times you want the SendToPager to retry to establish connection before cancelling the message.
Retry Timeout Define how many seconds you want the SendToPager to wait between two connection attempts.

Configuring Modem Protocols Preferences

These Preferences are applied individually to each protocol.
Modem Select one or more modems from the list of Windows modems. SendToPager will be looking up an available modem from the list for the single connection attempt.
You can assign different modems to different protocols.

Configuring E-Mail Protocol Preferences

Server & Port Define address (by server name or IP address) and the TCP/IP port number to connect to your relay SMTP server.
User Name & Password Defines credentials of the user, authorised to send e-mail messages.
Leave these fields blank, if you SMTP server allows anonymous relaying.
Reply Address Defines the e-mail address of the person that you want to receive the message delivery notifications from the service providers.