Configure SendToPager Providers List

To configure the Providers List select the Providers item on the left panel and then select a Provider you want to modify.

Please read the following important notes:

  • Supported Number Formats
  • Tone Paging Tips
  • Before configuring the Providers List, please make sure you have received the configuration information from the actual Service Providers of those people whom you will be sending messages to.

    Add new Provider to the List

    1. Select the Providers item on the left panel.

    2. Click the Add button on the top-left area of the window.
      A new Provider will be added and displayed for modification. Modify the new Provider any way you would like.

    Delete Provider from the List

    1. Select Provider from list you want to delete.
    2. Click the Delete button on the bottom-right area of the window.
    3. On the confirmation dialog box click Yes if you really want to delete the current Provider or click Cancel if you want to keep it.
    4. Selected Provider will be deleted.
      Make sure to update all Contacts, referred to this Provider, or else messages will NOT be delivered successfully.

    Modify Provider in the List

    Provider Settings are dependent on the Protocol you will assign to this Provider.
    Name XXXXXX Define the name of the Service Provider. Provider is uniquely identified by Name.
    Protocol XXXXXX Define the supported Protocol for the Provider. All messages sent thru this Provider will be transmitted using this Protocol.
    You may assign different Protocols to each Provider individually.
    Comments XXXXXX Freeform comments for this Provider
    Access Number XX Access Number setting is applied to modem-related protocols (ARC Paging & TAP/IXO), when SendToPager first connects to a Service Center and then transmits the message.
    Access Number must be entered in Canonical or Direct format. Read more about Number formats here.
    Please contact Provider to get correct Access Number.
    Server Address X Identifies name or IP address of the SNPP Internet terminal.
    Server Port X Identifies IP port of the SNPP Internet terminal accepting incoming connections.
    Connect Pause XX Connect Pause setting is applied to tone-paging protocols, when it's not possible to detect when B-party answers and then to generate tone message.
    Read more Tone Paging Tips here.
    Password X Password setting is applied to TAP/IXO protocol, when Paging Provider requires special authentication before message transmission.
    Please contact Provider to get correct Password or enter '000000' default password.
    Domain Name X SendToPager automatically constructs e-mail message of the From, To & Body fields. To field is concatenation of the Contact's Number and Provider's Domain Name.
    Please contact Provider to get correct e-mail domain name, used for message forwarding purposes.
    Handset X Select the model of your mobile phone from the list of supported models:
    {Generic, Siemens, Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola}
    Use the Generic model if your phone is not explicitly listed.
    Port X Select one of the 4 supported COM ports:
    {COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4}
    where your mobile phone is connected to.
    If you have multiple phones connected, add as many Providers as you need and select the appropriate ports for each of them.
    Port Speed XX Select the appropriate connection speed from the list of supported baud rates:
    {1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 14400, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200}

    Supported Number Formats

    The Number can be entered in one of the following two formats:

  • Canonical format +C (XXX) YYYZZZZ, where C is country code, XXX - area code, YYYZZZZ - phone number.
    Example: +1 (800) 7891234
  • Direct format DX...X, where D is reserved character, which marks Direct format, and any sequence of characters X...X represents the number.
    Example: D7891234

    The Number in the Canonical format is automatically translated into a dialable number according to Windows Location Information.
    We would recommend you use the Canonical format, unless you are absolutely sure how to use Direct format.

    Tone Paging Tips

    When you are using Direct or ARC Paging protocols, it's not possible to detect voice-over-modem connection state correctly (unlike data-over-modem), because B-party is not a modem, but another kind of device.

    Therefore, the connection is meant to be established right after the dialing is complete. It may cause the loss of some beginning characters in the message.

    If you use the Canonical format for Address Book addresses there's only one way to allow an additional wait-time by defining a Connect Pause in the Provider properties long enough to ensure that the connection is established.

    If you use the Direct format for Addresses, you may allow additional time for еру connection to be established by adding special characters to the Number.
    Add comma character ',' to set half-a-second pause. Add ampersand character '@' to wait until B-party first ring and hook-off.

    Example: D7891234,,,, will add four additional pauses (about half-a-second each) before SendToPager will assume that a connection is established.
    Example: D7891234@ will wait until first ring on B-party and after hook-off will assume that connection has been established. Make sure that the B-station allows at least one ring otherwise the connection will not be established.