Using SendToPager Client

Starting SendToPager Client

When the SendToPager Gold Client installation process is completed, a SendToPager Gold program group will be added in the Start / Programs menu on the client PC.

To start the SendToPager Client select a SendToPager Client shortcut in the Start / Programs / SendToPager Gold program group.

Sending Messages

  1. Select an Addressee from the Address Book drop-down list.
  2. Write your short message in the Message field.
  3. To send your message select the File / Send Message menu item in the SendToPager Client menu or click this toolbar button .
  4. You will receive notification that your Message has been queued on the server.

Manually Addressed Message

You can manually specify the Addressee Number, whom you would like to send a message to.

  1. Switch the radio button to the Addressee Number.
  2. Type the Addressee Number in the Canonical or Direct format.
    Read more about Number formats here.
  3. Select the appropriate Provider from the list.
  4. Write your short message in the Message field.
  5. Send your message.

Delivery Receipt

When the Message was processed on the Messaging Server, the server will send notification back to the Message Originator with the message trasmission results.

If message was not successfully sent, the Client should correct the message and send it again.