SendToPager Gold Installation Guide


SendToPager Gold is the client-server suite, therefore you need to install two applications: SendToPager Server and SendToPager Client on both the server and client PC's.

Before installing the SendToPager Client you must have SendToPager Server installed.


Server Installation

  1. If you have downloaded the ZIP package, unpack it into a temporary folder.
  2. Run InstallSend2PagerGold.exe on the PC, which will be the messaging server in the future. For example, PAGE_SRV.
  3. The Installation Wizard will guide you through the process.
  4. Select the SendToPager Home folder. For example, C:\Program Files\SendToPager.
  5. During the installation process you will prompted to select installation options. We recommend that you select all the options.

    Share SendToPager Gold Folder for Network Users SendToPager Client application must be started from the shared folder on the server. The Installation Wizard will create a default share \\PAGE_SRV\SendToPager.
    The default share will be removed when uninstalling the SendToPager Gold. If you do not select this option, you must share the Server Home folder manually executing the command
    net share <Your_Share_Name>="C:\Program Files\SendToPager"
    Run Installed SendToPager Gold Server The Installation Wizard will start the SendToPager Server, when the installation is completed.
    Create Server Shortcut on the Desktop The Installation Wizard will create the SendToPager Server shortcut on the desktop.
    Create Client Shortcut on the Desktop The Installation Wizard will create the SendToPager Client shortcut on the desktop.

SendToPager Server installation is complete.


Client Installation

  1. Go to the PC connected to the network, where you would like to install SendToPager Client. For example, WORK_PC_01.
  2. Open the SendToPager Home folder. For example, select Start / Run... menu item and enter \\PAGE_SRV\SendToPager.
    If SendToPager Gold was successfully installed, the Server Home folder will be opened.
  3. Start the InstallClient.exe application.
  4. Alternatively, you may skip opening the Server Home folder and execute the command \\PAGE_SRV\SendToPager\InstallClient.exe directly.
  5. Installation Wizard will guide you through the installation process.

SendToPager Client installation is complete.


Before you are able to send messages from the client PC's you must configure SendToPager Gold' Protocols, Provider List and Address Book, because all Client applications are using this shared information.

Learn how to configure SendToPager Gold here.