Using SendToPager Server

Starting SendToPager Server

When the SendToPager Gold installation process is completed, a SendToPager Gold program group will be added in the Start / Programs menu.

To start SendToPager Server select a SendToPager Server shortcut in the Start / Programs / SendToPager Gold program group.

When SendToPager is started, the application will add an icon to the system tray.

Running SendToPager Server First Time

When you start SendToPager for the first time, the program will automatically open the SendToPager Configuration dialog.

Learn how to configure SendToPager Gold here.

SendToPager Server Menu

To access the SendToPager Server Menu click the right mouse button on the SendToPager Server icon in the system tray.

About... Open the application About Box, displaying the Server version, Registration and Contact information.
Help Open the SendToPager Gold Help system.
Send Now The SendToPager Server is scanning for new messages every 60 seconds. To forcefully send messages in the queue, select this menu item.
Setup Open the SendToPager Gold Configuration dialog.
Exit Close the SendToPager Gold Server. Client applications may continue to work.