Configuring SendToPager

SendToPager PRO should be accurately configured before you will start using it to send messages.
Although SendToPager PRO is distributed pre-configured, we recommend you to read following chapters to understand how configuration should be completed.

SendToPager Configuration Overview

SendToPager connects to the Service Provider Terminal using specific Bearer and transmits a message to the Terminal using the Messaging Protocol.

Service Provider - Mobile or paging provider servicing people whom you're sending a message to.

Terminal - A remote equipment owned by Service Provider forwarding your message to the recipient(s) over the Service Provider Network.

Bearer - A physical connection to the Service Provider Terminal: Modem or Internet connection, Mobile Phone connected to your PC.

Messaging Protocol - A special language encoding your message and its recipient(s). Messaging Protocols are dependant on the Bearer supported by Service Provider.
Following protocols are available in the SendToPager PRO (Bearer is specified in brackets following the protocol): SNPP (Internet), TAP/IXO (Modem), E-Mail (Internet), ARC Paging (Modem), Direct Paging (Modem), SMS (Mobile Phone).

SendToPager Connection Parameters

In order to connect to the remote Terminal SendToPager must know the Terminal Address and the supported Messaging Protocol.

Terminal Address - Telephone number or internet host address uniquely identifying the terminal on the network. Terminal Address is dependant on the specific Bearer.

Each Terminal also has other parameters required for successfull connection different for each Bearer.

SendToPager Message Addressing

In order to address your messages correctly SendToPager must know the Recipient Number and Service Provider for this recipient.

Recipient Number - A mobile phone or pager number uniquely identifying the recipient within the Service Provider Network or world-wide.

Due to security reasons some Service Providers do not allow sending messages directly to the mobile or pager number. Instead each subscriber has special PIN different from its number assigned. In this case the PIN should be used for messaging purposes, not the mobile or pager number.

SendToPager Configuration

In order to open SendToPager Configuration Dialog: I) Start SendToPager GUI Utility and select File / Preferences menu item; or II) Start SendToPager Command Line Utility specifying /config parameter in the command line.

The following dialog will be opened

To save configuration changes and close the Configuration dialog click the OK button.

To discard the changes and close the dialog without saving your changes click the Cancel button.

All SendToPager Preferences are divided in four groups described below:

  • General Preferences
  • SendToPager Protocols
  • Providers List
  • Address Book

    Please read each section and follow instructions to complete SendTopager configuration.