Using SendToPager PRO - Command Line Utility

Command Line Format

In order to send messages automatically thru the SendToPager you should use the SendToPager Command Line Utility SendToPagerCmd.exe with the command line parameters as described below:

[/? | /help] [/config]
[/msg:"<Message>"] [/from:"<Sender>"]
[/address:"<Addressee Name>" |
[:"<Provider Name>"]
[/access:"<Access Number>"]
[/pause:<Connect Pause>]
[/domain:"<Domain Name>"]
[/port:<COM Port>]
[/baudrate:<Port Speed>]
[/prov_server:"<Server Name>"]
[/prov_port:<Server Port Number>]
[/protocol :<Protocol Name>
[/retries:<Retry Attempts>]
[/timeout:<Retry Timeout>]
[/modem:"<Modem Name>"]
[/server:"<Server Name>"]
[/port:<Server Port Number>]
[/username:"<User Name>"]
[/userpwd:"<User Password>"]
[/replyto:"<ReplyTo Address>"]

We recommend you use quotes "..." to designate a string value, especially for those containing more than one word.

General Parameters Description

Parameter Description
?, help Open the SendToPager Help system

config Open the Configuration Dialog

Message Parameters Description

Parameter Description
msg <Message> is a string in quotes ("...") specifying the message, which will be sent.

from <Sender> is a string in quotes ("...") identifying the PC, from which the message is sent.

address <Addressee Name> is a string in quotes ("...") identifying the Adressee, whom the Message will be sent to.
Alternatively to the Addressee Name you may use id and provider parameters to define whom the message should be sent to.
If you have specified the Addressee Name, all Provider and Protocol parameters will be disregarded.

id <Number> is a string identifying the number for the message's addressee.

Read more about Number formats here

provider This parameter specifies that all following parameters are related to the Provider <Provider Name>. If <Provider Name> is omited, a new (blank) Provider will be used for transmission.
If you specify a new (blank) Provider make sure you will specify all required Provider parameters in the following values.

Read more about Provider parameters here

protocol <Protocol ID> overrides the Providers' setting and specifies the protocol to be used for message transmission:
direct use Direct Paging protocol
arc use ARC Paging protocol
tap use TAP/IXO protocol
email use E-Mail protocol
sms use SMS protocol
snpp use SNPP protocol

Read more about Protocol parameters here

If any of the parameters are omited, Command Line Utility will use SendToPager configuration settings. If parameter value is specified, then this value overrides the one from the configuration. Learn how to configure SendToPager here.

Sample Command Lines

Open Configuration Dialog.

Send a message to John Burton.

Send a manually-addressed message to John Burton.

Send a manually-addressed message to John Burton and override provider.

Send a manually-addressed message to John Burton and override protocol settings.